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xx Banners and 4.1 Progress

March 28, 2014, 11:56:00 AM by Tobias
Dear users,

There has been a great positive energy around the site this week with the release of 4.1 and the updates that have already taken place:

Chatbox Updates:
  • Users can now use the URL bbcode tag as follows to post a link in the chatbox:
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  • Users banned on forums are now automatically banned on chatbox, and appear with a black, strikethrough name.
  • 'Tobias' appears with a red name, global moderators appear with a blue name.
  • Anonymous names have been modified to become nicer.
  • User list displays nicer with more padding in between users on chatbox.

Website Updates:
  • The 'add screenshot' feature of the website has been finished - add screenshots of your server now!
  • The logo bug has been fixed on the forums and website.

Also, a few server owners had purchased advertising but had not received their time. I have processed the payments and all payments in future will be processed automatically. Sorry for the delay! Due to the high number of orders, the number of hits received and the increased banner slots, we have been forced to increase the price of advertising from the promotional $7 to $10 for 4 weeks. This isn't a big increase, and is still the cheapest advertising in RSPS!

Looking forward to releasing the rest of 4.1!
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xx RS-PS 4.1

March 25, 2014, 11:31:33 AM by Tobias
We are already working on the first update to 4.0, the update will include:
  • More extensive chatbox features and design including staff recognition by name color
  • Chatbox will be placed on the forums, and users will also be signed in on play pages.
  • There will be various bug fixes throughout the site
  • There will be a feature of the toplist to view the newest servers created, and view the servers by type.
  • The screenshots feature will be fully working and require a post count of 10 on the forums.

Thanks for the great testing the past few days everyone!
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xx Release of RS-PS4.0

March 23, 2014, 11:39:29 PM by Tobias
Today I released RS-PS4.0, it comes with many improvements including full screenshot functionality, profile pictures, interactive server pages, faster playershare and status checking systems, HTML5 chatbox fully integrated with the forums and a matching forum theme for once! The toplist is unique in it's own respects and is advantageous to RuneScape private servers.

A few questions have been raised about the staff situation. As of now, the entire xat staff team has been abolished as it is no longer a feature of this website. There will only be one staff team from now on, and you all will be glad to hear, I will be hand picking staff.

Please bear with me while I build the features of the HTML5 chat, I will be adding namecolor (based on forum rank), maybe crowns, glow etc. Let me know any features you'd like by commenting here.
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